February 22, 2014


Well, it's official!!!!

I am going to TwitterMathCamp!!!!

I'm so excited to get to learn some awesome ideas from some awesome teachers. 
It's also going to be so fantastic to meet real, three-dimensional people that I'm used to following on twitter and chatting with.
I'm ecstatic!

If you want to sign up go to bit.ly/registerTMC14

In other news...
I'm going to be uploading a lot of pictures soon of units and notebooks pages.
One of my weak areas right now is detailing my lessons and reflecting on them through my blog. I do that personally right now, just not publicly with you wonderful people. 
It's not at all that I don't want to, it's just at time issue right now.
I am committed to improving.
That just takes time. Hmmmm... :/

Rather than continue to be MIA for weeks on end because I simply do not carve out enough time to fully share my lessons and reflections, I've decided to just picture dump on you more and release myself from the guilt about not explaining more. Pictures are helpful without words, right? At least a little?

One main factor in this decision is that I've received more and more emails lately that all sound similar.
"Do you have any notebook pages or ideas about _______"
My usual response: "Yes! And I'd love to share those with you! I'll do a blog post soon."
So, I've decided to upload lots of pictures. Maybe they will be helpful to some people. Maybe not. 
Then someday I'll post more details about the lessons :)

Picture dump pages! :)


  1. Yay! I can't wait to wade through your picture dump to find stuff to use in my classroom!

    And, I can't wait to meet you in person at Twitter Math Camp!

    1. It's official, the picture dump has occurred!! Good luck!! :) ha!

      And I cannot wait to meet YOU either!

  2. Yay! I can't wait to see you there. I bought my plane tickets this week as well.