February 26, 2014

Algebra 1: Unit 7

In an effort to stay more up to date (oops!) I am uploading my latest unit of Algebra pages.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE sequences! That was definitely not the case during the first year that I taught them, but it is now!

We started doing Mathalicious' iPod Depreciation problem. Again, my love for Mathalicious continues to grow! I wanted my students thinking critically about the differences and similarities of linear and exponential functions. There were some awesome debates and lots of wonderful math happening during this problem.

Again, just like in this post, since Mathalicious is a subscription site I covered up the math :( Awesome activity and awesome site!

The next day we used two situations (one linear and one exponential) to talk about how closely related sequences and functions are. We completed these notebook pages.

the arithmetic side flipped open.

the geometric side flipped open.

Today we came back and completed three more problems, then did a card sorting activity. After the students had correctly sorted their cards, they stapled their little packets together and taped the whole thing into their notebook.

This card sorting activity worked wonderfully!! There was one recursive arithmetic, one explicit arithmetic, one recursive geometric, and one explicit geometric. I had many students say this made a world of difference for them. They understood what represented terms, when they were and were not allowed to plug in n-values, and how to recognize the differences between types of sequences. I was little hesitant to do the sorting activity and am SO glad I did! Lots of great math discussion!!

Your copies in case you want them below...

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