February 23, 2014

Algebra 1: Unit 5

More of the picture dump mentioned here.

  Students created scatter plots on these pages based on the data we collected during the first week. 
It was fun to use the flip-out "out data" page we created months ago. Remember it here

Monopoly is from Yummy Math, here.


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  2. I have a class set of iPads, so I created a Geogebra Tube with the absolute value function and sliders for the a,h,and k variables. I used this with the notes. We used them after they created the parent function. It allows them to see the effect each variable has on the transformation of the function. I allowed them to set the slider for their values and then copy the resulting graph onto the graph paper. It is titled "Absolute Value with sliders" and is available on Geogebra Tube.

  3. Seriously, your Nspire page was a life saver! Thank you!