February 23, 2014

8th Grade Math: Unit 5

As mentioned here, this going to be a {relatively} wordless picture dump :)

I introduced systems using Mathalicious lesson called "Flicks"
I reformatted their student handout to fit on notebook pages. 
As much as I'd LOVE to show you all the glorious math underneath those Mathalicious icons, I don't feel like I should. 
But you should definitely go buy a Mathalicious subscription and check it out!

We did solving graphically, by substitution, and by elimination on three different days. 
We filled out the pages seen below "Solving a System of Equations By..." and then did the corresponding areas on the next pages: one solution/no solution/infinitely-many solutions.
We when we took solving graphically notes we also did the solving graphically section of each one/none/infinite page. 
After we had all the one/none/infinite pages complete we talked about what we noticed and drew some conclusions.

I tied the one/none/infinite of systems to the one/none/infinite scales we did back here.
This worked really well for most students.

We wrapped up the unit with a Systems Project seen below. 


  1. You are simply a lifesaver! I just moved to a new school and I needed QUALITY lesson plans and you just saved my LIFE! Thank you for sharing!!!! You are a blessing!!!!

  2. Although I've been teaching for some time, this is the first year I've really decided to work hard on my notebooks with kids. Your site is so inspiring to me. I've found so much that I can use, tweak, and enrich my classroom with. I'm looking forward to your systems of equations stuff with my 8th graders. You're teaching an old dog new tricks!!

  3. I love this!! Thanks for sharing! I was wondering if you have what you gave the students as guidelines for the system of equations project. Thank you!

  4. I love this! Thanks for sharing! This is my first year doing notebooks! These are great!

  5. Do you by chance have the creating systems worksheets? I love you ideas.

  6. This is great - thank you!

  7. Such cool ideas!! I'm so excited to try some of your INB pages with my Algebra class.

  8. thank you for allowing us to use these sheets. I am excited to try these with my classes and give them some success at this topic. You are a star, as a previous commentator said... you are teaching old dogs new tricks.