May 1, 2014

My First PBL Unit - Day 5 & 6!

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Here is how I started day 5...
Teams talked and most came up with C because it got the closest to the most points. BINGO! We talked about what was wrong with all the others, especially A since it tripped up a couple groups.

After that, groups got to work using their simulation data to create scatter plots.

They created one scatter plot for each of their survey choices; a, b, c, d. They compared sample size to number of people with that choice. They made their line of best fit based on that, and then predicted the outcome of each choice for our entire town's population.

Here are some in-progress shots...

And here are some finished poster shots...

 (yes, the one above has a couple errors. They fixed them next class.)

consisted of groups finishing up and preparing their presentations. I told them they had to tell us which product they were launching and show the data to support their claim. The rest was up to them!! I have a few groups that filmed commercials, one that is making an infographic, one made an online animation with voice over, and of course a few that are using powerpoint. Tomorrow is presentation day and I am SO excited!!!!!

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