January 30, 2014

Algebra 1: Unit 2

Here's your visual tour of my Unit 2.

Unit Overview

This is what the "What I need to remember on my retest" looks like.
Since my district uses common assessments my students are not allowed to take their exams out of the classroom. We use a reflections page similar to this one shown for each unit to write reminders and study notes that students take home with them. 

An updated version of THIS page from last year.
The blank boxes on the right side were for partner practice problems like the ones shown here.

Inside the "How to Calculate and Approximate a Decimal" foldable.

Not-so-fantastic Exponents foldable.

Students worked through the following two pages with teams.

Once they were comfortable with their own rules and generalizations, we wrote the names of the rules on the front of the two folded pages.

And we wrapped up with radicals.

the Simplifying Radicals Maze idea is from here

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