November 30, 2013


I really want to fully implement standards-based grading. Here is my current level of retesting and mastery.

My current hangups that I'd love help/feedback with:

  1. What does the classroom flow like? feel like? Are there many students working on many different things? How is this managed? Planned for?
  2. How do I meld SBG with common core investigations? I love using Mathalicious, Yummy Math, and similar uses of relevant mathematics, but how do these combine with very static assessment. At least SBG currently seems static/procedural to me...
A few current thoughts on #2: Just thinking out loud here as I type... Could I give students a large list of all standards to be accomplished throughout the year at the very beginning (overwhelming?) and then hit multiple topics as I worked through relevant investigations. 
For example, we do a Mathalicious lesson and discuss the individual components. Students then take a short quiz over procedural knowledge and this relates to their SBG progress. All students would continue with all investigations/discoveries/activities throughout the year but only complete quiz questions for the sections they have not mastered yet? 

Like I said, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE your feedback about this. What has worked for you? Flopped? Thanks in advance...

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