May 22, 2012

VistaPrint Freebies

Like many teachers I've jumped on the VistaPrint bandwagon. Here are my latest freebies!

Bathroom cards:
I actually ordered these a couple years ago and really enjoyed them. I'm thinking of replenishing my stock. Each student gets one at the beginning of the year and must keep track of it all year long to go to the bathroom. Yes, that's quite a large feat for some 8th graders. As long as it is an appropriate time (not right in the middle of a lesson) they may show me their card, I will hole punch the appropriate area, and they go to the restroom. I let students go 3 times per 9 weeks. Each edge of the card is for one 9-week time period. Do you already have three punches on your left side and it's still the first nine weeks? No potty break for you today...

Tutoring sign:

Well, this is advertised as a car magnet, but who says I can't stick it to my classroom board or filing cabinet instead of my car??
It is a nice little reminder to students that I am here to help. It also helps them remember where to sign up for a tutoring time.

Homework stamp:
Next year I am going to try using Interactive Notebooks in my classroom. I am SUPER excited and cannot wait to try this out. I have been gathering lots of resources but if you have any personal experience with interactive notebooks at the secondary mathematics level I would love to hear about it! One of my dilemmas that I am pondering in my head is homework. Students must practice Algebra, and I want to often see how they are doing in their practice. I don't want to collect the notebooks daily because they need them in their possession, and I want them to work practice problems directly in their notebook, not on a separate piece of paper. Hence my little dilemma. 
Through my research and talking to people someone mentioned (I'm sorry I can't remember exactly who. If this was your idea please let me know, I'd love to give you credit!) spot checking key problems in the notebooks while students work on a brain booster/warm up activity. Then when I do a formal notebook collection and check, I know exactly who had their work done completely and on time. Enter my cute little stamp. :) This should make spot checking much easier.

And lastly, my pen:
It doesn't have a super great purpose, it's just a pen with my name on it. And it was FREE!

I only had to pay about $10 in shipping for all these items. I cannot wait for them to arrive! Fun new goodies!


  1. Your blog looks great! Love the stamp idea! You'll have to let me know how that goes. I guess I'm your first follower! Welcome to the teaching blog world even though I know you've been reading them already.
    Have a Great Night,
    Special Teaching in the Middle

  2. Great ideas. I always get those emails from VIstaprint and think I don't need that stuff. I guess I might now since I'm going to start teaching next year! Can't wait to hear how all this works out.

  3. I've been thinking about what I want the restroom procedure to be in my classroom next year. I love the idea of using a business card and using it for the entire year! I wonder if my 6th graders can keep up with it that long...even if I did a new one each quarter, it works! Thanks for sharing!