December 5, 2013

8th Grade Math: Units 3 and 4

Here is a picture dump! I'll try to compile a list of original resources that I borrowed from and then share what I can. But for now, a pictographic story of my interactive notebook for units 3 and 4.

I have added a few, quick notes about particular times under the photos.

The "Remember on my Retest" pages is a blank organizer that lists each objective on our test. Students fill out reminders to themselves about what to study as they make corrections to their original test. For more on retesting my classroom, see my post here.

The large, block letters on the right side of the page were a coloring activity. Students colored it just like a coloring book - in 8th grade. Yep... most of them loved it!!

The picture below is the "from points/from a graph" foldable open.

The cards on the right were a matching activity. Students worked to match a graph, table of values, equation, slope value, and y-intercept value. They stapled their matches all together and taped them in.

 --card sorting activity--

Desmos investigation. More info can be found here.

Students wrote their names in block letters and identified the types of slope for each section of their names.

The inside of the slope foldable is shown below.

The above was a small matching activity. Some of the graphs and scenarios were lose and students had to match them to the ones already given. It really made them look at and examine axes.

That's all for now!! :)

Here are all the files. There are TONS since we did a lot of pages and a lot in class. I've included all the editable word/publisher files as well as the pdf version to preserve formatting and fonts. Use whatever you want! 


  1. Hello from another INB-ing math teaching Mrs. Hester. Weird I know! Any chance of you being able to post the links to resources? I'm going to be doing linear eq with my kids in a couple of weeks and love what you have. In particular the function notation with the function machine, the stained glass, and the multiple representations sort. I totally understand if not, things are crazy this time of year!. Thanks ~Mrs. Anna Hester

  2. Well hello there fellow Mrs. Hester. That is kind of weird! :) I'll work on backtracking all my sources so I can appropriately cite and also share whatever I can. I should have links up this weekend for you. Check back!

  3. Thanks! I just started my first post introducing myself. =) Hopefully I will be able to start posting some of my stuff to share!

  4. Any chance you'll post the documents that go with the photos? :)

    1. All the files are up! There are lots to wade through - good luck!

  5. I love the way that you taught slope. Any chance that you are going to share that foldable?

    1. Thanks! The students really understood it well! All the documents for this unit are in the "box" widget at the bottom of the post. There are my multiple pages to scroll through since there are a lot of documents this time. Feel free to download anything you want!

  6. Thank you so much! I'm just finishing up unit 3 with my 2 boys (homeschooling) and the one document I can't find is the Unit 3 review. Is that one that can be added to the documents? I love our posts and we are having so much fun with our notebooks!

  7. Mrs. Hester,

    I want to start off by saying thank you. You have helped me more than you could ever know this year. Your work Is amazing and the amount of effort you have placed into this blog is just incredible but thank you for being so dedicated because I am not sure my year would have been this successful thus far. I am doing interactive notebooks and foldables for the first time. My classroom has completely changed. My kids seem more engaged, my classroom seems to be much better managed and the day just goes so nicely!! I can never thank you enough because I truly don't know if my experience would be the same without your guidance!!

    I am starting the functions unit with my kiddos and we are off to an awesome start. I saw you had a station type lab with the function unit. I was able to download all of the files but I was wondering if you could possibly walk me through what that activity looks like and how it goes?!

    Thank you again for evening,

    Mrs. Jessie Shore (8th grade math)

  8. Your site is AMAZING!! I am about to become a first year teacher and I am so glad you are making these available!!! You rock!

  9. I love this post but cannot see a link to the pdf files. Is there any way you could tell me what I'm missing? Or if I email you, would you send them to me?

    Lindsay Griffin (Alg 1)

  10. New to 8th Grade and Algebra. This is the fun learning I have been looking for!!!

  11. You have such great ideas! Thanks for sharing all your worksheets! I was just on your website the other day and was able to get the worksheet and now they aren't there. It says that the weblink to isn't working. Am I not looking in the correct place? Thanks!